A rather Grimm mix of Fairytale, Myth & Possibility

Sunday 23 September 2012

A rather Grimm mix of Fairytale, Myth and Possibility

One cloudless night, a Sheep, a Cow, a Donkey and a Human looked up from their ménage-a-quatre and saw a planet so bright they followed it.

It led them to an Animal Shelter where there was lots of Hay… Hey, hey how y’all doin’s?

On the Shelter Stage a delivery was imminent.

It proved successful and our four close friends looked one upon the other and marvelled.

‘Cor’…said the Donkey. Don’t blame me.’

'Me neither' said the Cow and Sheep in unison.

Which left the question and the naming-rite to the Human. ‘Y?


  1. Your Sunday saga, Nancy? I suspect the question's been hanging, and will, for a very long time....

  2. Sunday Sagas are allowed to be a bit wayward Den...good for the Soul. And I do love hanging questions of the cryptic kind.