Will the real ME please stand up...

Thursday 26 April 2012


After a day of reflection for many and overwhelming sadness and memories for others…it’s time to lift our spirits.

I know only one way to do that…but it involves a journey…to a special place.

Come with me…are you game?

I can see you in cyber-space: and even if I don’t yet know your name…I know you’re there.

Come with me; you may see yourself.  It won’t be a mere reflection or shadow; it will be the real you.  You’ll see lots of other people too – some you’ll recognize; some will be total strangers because they’ll all be real.

I’m taking you to the one place where we don’t have to pretend…anything. We don’t have to impress our in-laws, our kids, our boss, our parents, boyfriend, girlfriend – or anyone for that matter. 

It’s a place to re-charge batteries…utilize our strengths...and face our weaknesses. It’s a place just for us – called

This place has no buildings; there are no roads and therefore no road-signs; no road-rules – and therefore no punishments; the pressures are few; no dogma to follow or avoid; no demands to be the person we were not meant to be; no need to do something for which we have no heart. There is nothing in this place…until we get there!

Some of you come here often and affirm who you are; but it takes courage and some of us have long forgotten or cannot face the pain of trying to remember.

We'll leave shortly…but there's a job to do first...turn around and look back into the far horizon...no...further…see that wall?  Look over it.  See the box?

That's it.  We’re all in there.  Can you see yourself?

Our bum’s just been smacked…we’re yelling and gasping for air – and desperate for food. We’re helpless and know nothing except the urge to shriek if we’re not asleep or comfortable.

Of course we’re not comfortable; we’ve just come from our real world into the World of the Human and somehow we know what is meant to unfold…

It’s the purpose of our being.

But the mist comes down on some and it does not always oblige. Can you still see yourself?

We’re all there.  We’ve emerged into the World of the Human box where we’ll meet our future, mapped out - not necessarily by us - but by Other Humans.

At first these Other Humans will come from our own tribe as they take us on a journey in Human Time to release us from the box.  We’ll progress and meet those from other tribes; some will comfort and protect us; some will smell and come too near; some will give us confidence or fill our hearts with fear; some will be demanding – that we shut up, look serene; and some will be disgusted and ignore we’d ever been. 

Some Other Humans will label us – according to their whim.

Awkward and clumsy; selfish or dumb; some will mislead us – giving a false impression of a talent or gift we do not possess while others will laugh and re-direct our obvious abilities as they look the other way. 

It is they who do not understand that the most powerful thing one can be…is oneself. It gives us our power. Perhaps they understand all too well…and fear that power.

And as they set about undoing the purpose of our being, we will protest or succumb; we will fight or take fright; we will reason, cajole; we will scheme to avoid their grasp or watch the fading of our dreams.

Which of those did we do?


Ready for the journey? We’ll going to that special place now.

Shut your eyes…hold your courage in your hand…and hang on!


Oops!  Sorry about the landing…it’s been a while. But at least we’re here and you can open your eyes.

You may not recognise this place...at least not for a while…or it may be very familiar.

Only you can know.

But here where we stand is the place where our instinct screams to return.

It can be done.  It is never too late. It is natural and will bring its own rewards.

There’s a clear purpose for being in this World of the Human - the person we were meant to be.

 We knew it then and we can know it now.

Let’s lift the mist and stay in this real place forever.

 The Place Called….ME

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